As a research company, we know you value the privacy of your personal information. Your survey responses drive important research about consumer preferences.

This privacy notice ("Notice") describes what personal information we collect and how we share it. By completing our survey, you agree with our personal information privacy practices described in this Notice.

We do not use your name and address or any information you provide to us to sell to you or to contact you for the purpose of marketing or selling to you. We never provide this information to telemarketers and we do not allow anyone we do business with to use this information for the purpose of direct marketing or selling to you. The information we collect from you is used for research purposes.

  1. Why We Collect Information.  Your survey responses drive important research about consumer preferences. We collect this information to help our clients conduct research and make decisions about product development, marketing, and business strategy. We may also use your information to administer and improve our surveys, and to communicate with you about our surveys such as to send you rewards for participating or opportunities for future research.

  2. How We Collect Information.  We collect the categories of personal information described below directly from your survey answers. We may supplement this information with information provided by third parties, such as characteristics of your neighborhood and other consumer profile information. In online studies, we may collect electronic information about your computer or mobile device through online technologies, such as cookies or pixels. Among other things, these technologies allow us to prevent the same device from taking multiple surveys.

  3. Information We Collect.  You provide personal information about yourself and members of your household when you complete our surveys. This information is used for research purposes. The categories of this personal information may include: personal identifiers, such as names, postal and email addresses, and phone numbers; commercial information, including your purchase history and buying preferences; personal characteristics, such as your age, gender, race, and ethnicity; inferences about you drawn from information concerning your preferences and attitudes; and electronic information if you complete a survey online, including but not limited to your online survey access, registration, session history, Internet Protocol ("IP") address, the date and time the survey was opened and for how long, the type of browser you used and your mobile device’s operating system and unique identifier.

  4. When We Share Information with Others.  We share the above categories of personal information with our affiliates and third parties as follows: with our service providers, who access or collect this information on our behalf solely to provide us with contracted services and support our business, including for the purposes described in Section 1; with our clients, who use your survey answers to understand consumer preferences and conduct research; with third party marketing analytics partners who use your survey responses for advanced research and modeling in their business; with other third parties when appropriate to respond to lawful requests, legal process, claims, and/or actions, and to enforce our agreements and policies; and in connection with a merger or sale of our business, in whole or in part.

  5. Your Privacy Rights.  You have the following privacy rights with regards to the information you provide when you complete or have completed a survey:

    Note: your personal information is used for research purposes. We never use the information you provide to us to contact you for the purposes of sales or marketing whether or not you exercise the rights below.

    • Right to Opt-Out: You can request that we do not sell or share your personal information, even for research purposes.
    • Right to Delete: You can request that we delete your personal information.
    • Right to Know: You can request to know the list of specific pieces of personal information we have collected about you, and/or what categories of your personal information we have collected, from whom, with what purpose, and who do we share it with, or disclose or sell it to.

    If you have participated in our research and would like to exercise your privacy rights, you may call our toll-free number (1-800-405-0170), or submit your request by email at When you contact us please identify which of the above rights (right to opt-out, right to delete and/or right to know) you want to exercise. You may also exercise your privacy rights, including your right to opt-out, by submitting a consumer privacy request online at the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link at You have the right to be free from discrimination when you exercise your privacy rights.

    To verify that the request is really coming from you, we may ask you for additional information that we will use to verify your identity. You may designate an authorized agent to make the request for you. Authorization must be done in writing and signed, and the writing must identify the agent and explain what request they are authorized to make. Your authorized agent must include a copy of this writing with the request.

  6. Information Collected About Children.  We believe that kids and teenagers maintain important consumer opinions. That is why we invite parents or guardians to have their children complete our Kids Survey or our Teen Survey. We require the authorization of a parent or guardian before we can collect, retain, or sell the personal information of anyone under 16 years old. Parents or guardians may opt-out of our retention or sale of their kids’ personal information using any of the methods described above.

This Notice and other MRI-Simmons privacy information can be found online at

Updated: October 20, 2021